Dream Machine Tour- Berlin (4.21.18)

Last leg of the Dream Machine tour begins in Berlin! Here are some highlights.


Cotton Candy Sky

We Found Us

Girl Got A Gun

Love Who Loves You Back

Something New

Feel It All

Boy Don’t Cry

Stop babe


I asked Tom if he only dated super models. Bill said: NO he has definitively dated girls who were NOT super models lol 😂 had to ask since there were no juicy questions 😐

Bill just said that these are the last 3 shows for this album 🙃 #Dmberlin

There will be new merch in 2-3 weeks😊. For example the Shirt, with the ‘young’ guys😍. Love it…. #dmberlin #humanoid


QUESTION 3. I asked if they had new ideas for a new album. Bill said yes, they were full and they worked in the studio. I asked when will it be put up for sale, Tom told me he hoped to release their album in MARCH next year and 😂 #DMberlin

Q 2: Are you leaving permanently after Russia? The answer is no. there is an event that arrives for late summer and that it keeps the surprise as they are still organized. #DMBERLIN #KOS


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