Dream Machine Tour- Berlin, show 2 (4.22.18)

Stop, babe

What if

As young as we are



More @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgP88H1IpV4LyYV847HZNCw/videos



Bill Said he‘s not gonna promise anything anymore because he doesn’t want to get a shitstorm on his Instagram again #dmberlin

Bill said at m&g yesterday that he’d gotten so many strange habits while being single, that he was afraid that if he ever let somebody fall in love with him and vice versa, they’d eventually think he was weird and leave him. 😔 #dmberlin #room483

Bill asked when Britney Spears will come to germany, a fan answered the 6th of august. He said he couldn’t go, then I said she comes to Antwerp on august 15, and he asked if I will go to the show🤗 #DMBerlin

I asked them if they have any fears. They answered: not really, but being sick would be so scary if you think about it. #DMBerlin

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