Dream Machine Tour- Moscow (4.27.18)

Last show of the Dream Machine tour.


Stope, babe

Durch den Monsun


More @ https://www.youtube.com/user/EleonoraRU/videos


Georg IG


Cute twin moment from #room483 M&G: Tom touched Bill’s knee to have his attention and Bill gave him his lip balm, and Tom used it 👀🙌🏻🙈

google translated
1. Room 483:

• Tom touched the knee of Bill to get his attention, and he gave him his hygienic lipstick. Tom used it.

– to the question of Anna Zaitseva about how the Russian language sounds for the guys, Bill replied that he was angry (angry); he believes that the Russian is like German.
Tom: Angry, like Bill himself, that’s what he likes! In addition, he really likes the Russian accent: his two best friends – Natalie Franz and Natalia Gruner – speak with a Russian accent, and he is very high on it;
Anya: Especially the sound [p], probably, yes?
Bill: Yes!
Tom: Bill still does not know how to pronounce this sound …

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2. Scream:

– The soundcheck was real. They checked the microphones, paused, many technicians around smoked. The fans were shouting: “Gustav” and “Georg, we love you!” Bill immediately noticed that if Gustav is so loved, then next time he simply has to sing. They are sure to come up with something for this. When they took a group photo, Tom and Bill shouted with a mat (the two words they know).

thanks @tokiohotelru

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