7.27.18-7.30.18: TH Summer Camp

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The great escape! Get away with us and take a once in a lifetime trip to enjoy the ultimate summer experience. A magical journey, a spiritual hideaway, together with us. Step into a world that Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav personally created for you. The very first Tokio Hotel Summer Camp. Experience the full package and ultimate festival vibe in our camp, from accommodation and food to outstanding entertainment, mind-blowing surprises and attractions + The Big TokioHotel History Live Concert. Escape from reality, leave your world, everyday life, cellphones, internet, wifi, social media noise and any distraction behind. This is about you, us and our united experience. Link In Bio #summercamp

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Sneak peeks!

More info can be found at https://www.th-summercamp.com/. Tickets and upgrades can be found at https://treehouse-ticketing.com/tokio-hotel-tickets-11.html#tour13

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