Someone’s been updating their Youtube account…

The official audio version of Hilf Mir Fliegen was apparently published on Youtube the other day.

Hilf mir Fliegen appears to have been taken down sadly, but if you go to TH’s Youtube channel, you’ll see that they’ve has been doing a lot of updating the past couple of days (quite literally; it’s all been updated yesterday and today) and have uploaded the audio versions of ALL of their English albums (Scream, Humanoid, Humanoid City Live, the English Best of, KOS, and DM) as well as all of their singles, as well as their Devilish songs (however, they’ve messed up as of today and put a different Devilish’s songs on instead of theirs, so that will hopefully be corrected soon). They’ve also uploaded all of the THTV episodes to their channel as well.

You can check out all of the awesomeness here!

Credit goes to THCVK for the find.

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