More TH Summercamp Updates

From @ura_th

(the original tweets were in Russia; translations and finds goes to @forum_th_ru):

: All fans in camp were given disposable cameras with 27 frames. On this cameras you can take everything you want, including making selfie with the guys. The guys were with fans like 4 hours or so

: The staff and guards are nice and friendly. They don’t get to close and keep the distance

: The girl asked Tom about the sense of the scene with him in video. He said that there is no sense, it was just beautiful shoot. They filmed this scene 3 times and he fell in smth like the sand. He complained that after that was difficult to clean up

: The girl asked Tom about his outfit. He said that the shirt from Gucci and the pants was given from North Africa by his friend. Pants cost only 40$

: Susanne – Georg’s gf – in the camp too. She played some games with the fans. She’s nice and beautiful. There was soup in bread at the dinner. The girl asked Georg if it’s a national German dish. Georg said “Probably”

: The food is great. There were tabula, falafel, rice with lentils, fried potatoes and aubergines, olives and a salad with fresh vegetables

: Bill was very handsome. His hair grew back. Ha had glasses for sight from the Gentle Monster brand. Also he danced but didn’t go out into the center of the floor, cause he too shy and didn’t drink enough.

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