More Summer Camp Updates from the Fans!

Part 2!

via @suburb alien:

About Pumba: Bill said he is still not over pumbas Death and getting a new dog now would be cheating on pumba. He is not ready for a new dog at the moment. Pumbas death was horrible and it still hurts so much.

Tom calls Bill „Billemaus“

We had a glitter bomb during the party on day one and the glitter got all over Tom . Blue glitter tom for the rest of the night 🙈 Bill was happy with the confetti bomb we gave him 💓

The band was running around the area most of the time and you could just walk up to them, talk to them and take pictures , they also wrote you smth down if you wanted to ❤️

Bingo night was the funniest shit ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Tom was presenting the number 20 & said his penis is that long and then the number 1 which represents Georgs penis. And with that number one Georg had his Bingo – we laughed so so hard 🤣

Benjamin Ebel was there, they had a New security guy who was super relaxed, Steffen and Marcus were so so different than at the m&gs!!! We saw andi and his boyfriend, Capper was there ☺️ what should I say about Thorsten?!- Fancy glitter queen👑



ah and before the party we watched the documentary hinter die Welt with the boys together.

and I totally forgot about BINGO. It was so funny and if you had a bingo you won a prize for example the MD LA cap or a towel, a cd or those DIY drawings from bill and Tom 🤣

on Saturday at the party the twins were behind the bar and did the drinks for the fans, if you had a drink from Tom you definitely got drunk 🤣

Sunday and the last day was kinda boring and lazy but also great, we went to breakfast and saw bill and Tom sitting there while we listened to Britney Spears on my Bluetooth speaker, bill started to dance 😆

when they drove past us with the golf caddy, we still listened to Britney Spears and Bill stood at the back of the car and danced and “whooped” and sang along for a short second 🤣

we went to the beach and there were the band playing dodgeball with some fans and Bill was more like a bouncy ball, jumping and running around like there was a bee right behind him 😆

the soundcheck was a REAL soundcheck, not like those ones you can buy at the tour.

then we just did our make up and so on and waited for the concert to start 😄 and guys, really, I cried so hard during the concert because my emotion flipped out and I would totally pay the price again! it’s worth every Euro I’ve spent!

after the concert they had a huge firework at the beach with music (billy, easy and ddm)

I also got a picture with georg at this party after the concert and then we went to bed because we were so tired. 😆

aaaand that’s it, that was the Tokio Hotel summer camp in 2018 and I can’t wait for the next camp! It’s more worth than a KOS and I would totally pay for a ticket again, even twice as much as this year.

ah. Q&A, they got asked which cocktail they would be. Tom said Bloody Mary 😩, and Bill was smth with chocolate (Tom said this) I couldn’t hear him properly. Gustav White Russian I guess and georg idk anymore 😅

Bill wants to create a jumpsuit next for the merch.

so, for capper Tom is his “special person” and bill is “tante bill” (auntie bill) – toms words. 🤣

Bill also said he’s not thinking about getting a new dog because he’s still not over Pumba because he was so special to him so it would feel like he’s cheating or smth

one thing – Gustav is planning a drum session/lesson with fans and a huge BBQ over one weekend but when it’ll be he doesn’t know yet but he’s planning it! (He also said it won’t be that expensive)

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