Darkside of the Sun

Released only in japan. 2011

1. Noise

2. Darkside of the Sun

3. World Behind My Wall

4. Ready, Set, Go!

5. Monsoon (Gateway version)

6. Scream

7. Forever Now


9. Humanoid (English version)

10. Break Away

11. Phantomrider

12.Dogs Unleashed

13. By Your Side

14.. Darkside of the Sun (live, 12.04.2010, Mediolanum Forum Mailand, Italien)

15. Sonnensystem

16. Ready, Set, Go! (Grizzly remix)

15. “Sonnensystem”
16. “Ready, Set, Go! (Grizzly Remix)”

Bonus DVD
Music videos
Darkside of the Sun
World Behind My Wall
Ready, Set, Go!
Lass Uns Laufen

Tokio Hotel TV

Interview above the clouds
MTV VMA 2008: Music, mayhem, Tokio Hotel

Dreams come true…and now it’s partytime

Intimate confessions